Abhyanga Therapy

75 MINUTES $90
105 MINUTES $125 (with the addition of Marma Therapy)

Ayurvedic massage also known as Abhyanga therapy, is a sacred ancient practice dating back thousands of years, and plays a major role in healing in Ayurvedic medicine.

Our first contact with the world is through the sense of touch, which has a soothing, healing and protective effect on the body. Massage is the greatest form of this, giving nourishment to the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Ayurvedic massage strokes are vigorous yet flowing and rhythmic, opening up the flow of Prana (our vital life force) by balancing our three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha. It also helps to promote physical, mental and emotional balance encouraging harmony within.

This unique massage cleanses the lymphatic channels, detoxifies the body, stimulates and increases circulation, nourishes the tissues, relieves stress and anxiety and promotes deep and restful sleep through deep relaxation.



Ayurvedic herbal massage oils are unique in that they contain the vital energy of plants which are harvested at specific times of the year for maximum healing benefits.

The method of preparation is based on traditional and ancient knowledge. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its physiological effect, helping to restore the body’s natural state of health.

The use of warm fragrant herbal oils wakens the senses and is deeply nourishing.


Marma Points

Marma points are powerful energy junctions located around the body where the muscles, joints, bones,nerves and ligaments meet.

The marma points are gently massaged to release any energy blockages that may be causing pain and tension, bringing the body back into balance and harmony.





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