"I love how each dish resembles a colourful work of art. Nettie's extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic principles are woven into every offering, leaving me desperate to know her recipe. The Authentic Vedic spice combinations transport you straight to India. But my absolute favourite thing about Nettie's cooking is her passion which can be tasted in each and every bite. The energy she pours into each element in every dish leaves you feeling so very nourished, loved and lucky to have been offered such beautiful blessings."

/  Madeleine Whitter - Co Founder of AYU Ayurvedic Perfume oils  /


"I love to travel and visiting Annette for a facial or Ayurvedic massage transports me to the authentic treatments I have experienced in Bali. Her products are absolutely heavenly and more importantly, she has a technique that makes you feel treated, special and relaxed beyond! Its always an incredible treat and I like to book my next one before I leave. Her space by the ocean allows you to soak in the surrounding nature and her relaxing tunes take it to another level. Annette has that magic touch and I would highly recommend anyone to spend some time in her serene surroundings."

/ - Abbey Riley  /


"My life will never be the same after meeting this amazing girl. Not only has she taught me about Ayurveda cooking and lifestyle, she has cooked amazing food and we have had an amazing time together. Today was my last shift with her and I will look back at all my hours with love in my heart. I hope all will get a chance to taste your love-filled food and I look forward to visiting your beauty clinic. You are an Angel ."

/  Vinnie Viv  /


"Walking up the hill into Omsai Ayurveda as Nettie greets you is like entering a treetop sanctuary. Its Nettie’s intuitive approach that sets her treatments apart. She seems to know exactly what you need. Her knowledge of Ayurveda gives you a unique experience, and you have to try the amazing Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic head and massage treatment which is both healing and meditative. When it comes to an end the soft music fades away and with a nourishing warm glass of herbal tea, you drift out into the world feeling a whole lot better off! I would recommend everyone treat themselves to a treatment at Omsai Ayurveda."

/  Lisa Kiernan  /